Police K-9 Teams

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What is the primary goal of the K-9 Unit?

Enhancing the police department’s objectives in providing quality law enforcement service to the community

What is the role of police K-9 teams in law enforcement objectives?

Criminal apprehension and search and seizure

What is the definition of a Canine (K-9) Officer?

A police officer specially trained in the care, handling, and training of a K-9 for law enforcement use

What is the role of a Canine (K-9) Team?

Refers to a K-9 officer functioning with his assigned K-9

What does EOD Detector -K refer to?

A specialized canine trained in explosive detection

Test your knowledge of the guidelines for police canine (K-9) teams with this quiz. Explore the utilization, operation, training, and supervision of police K-9 units, and understand their role in law enforcement objectives.

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