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Poetry vs. Prose Distinction Quiz

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What is the meter of a poem that has segments of two syllables, with the first syllable unstressed and the second syllable stressed?


What type of poem has no rhyming scheme but does have a specific meter, usually iambic pentameter?

Blank Verse

What is the rhyme scheme of a poem marked ABAB?

The first and third lines rhyme, and the second and fourth lines rhyme.

What is the term that refers to a meter in poetry?


What type of poem has no guidelines or restrictions as to meter, rhyme scheme, or stanzas?

Free Form

What is the main difference between prose and poetry?

Prose is a style of writing in which words are combined into sentences, while poetry is an item created through the systematic and deliberate use of language

What is the definition of poetic form?

A set of characteristics that determine the other characteristics of poetry

What is a couplet in poetry?

A form of poetry in which two lines rhyme and share the same exact meter

What is a haiku in poetry?

A form of poetry that does not have a fixed meter or rhyming scheme, but has a certain structure

Which famous poet is known for their use of sonnets?


Test your knowledge on the differences between poetry and prose with this quiz. Learn about the styles of writing, use of language, and deliberate standards that set poetry apart from prose.

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