PMT Education: States of Matter and Latent Heat

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Which state of matter has particles that are spread apart with high kinetic energies?


What is the energy required for a substance to change state called?

Latent Heat

Which component of an atom is located in the nucleus and has a neutral charge?


What type of changes are changes in physical properties that can be reversed?

Physical Changes

In which state of matter do particles have intermolecular forces acting between them?


What is the unit of pressure equal to a force of one Newton acting perpendicular to an area of one meter squared?


What is temperature a measure of?

The average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance

Which model of the atom is sometimes referred to as the plum-pudding model?

Thomson Model

What is Upthrust in a fluid equal to?

The weight of the fluid displaced by the object

What is weight defined as in physics?

The force acting on an object due to gravity

What will happen to the particles' kinetic energies when the temperature of a substance increases?

They will increase

Which term refers to the amount of energy required to change the state of one kilogram of a substance from solid to liquid, held at constant temperature?

Specific Latent Heat of Fusion

In which state of matter do particles have strong intermolecular forces and are tightly packed together?


What does the Rutherford Model describe about the atom?

Atom as mostly empty space

When will an object sink in a liquid according to the text?

When the volume of liquid displaced has lower weight

Which term describes the direct change from a solid state to a vapor state without passing through the liquid phase?


What is the name for the energy needed to increase the temperature of one kilogram of a substance by one degree Celsius?

Specific Heat Capacity

Learn about gas, liquid, and latent heat in this educational content provided by PMT Education. Understand the characteristics of each state of matter and the concept of latent heat.

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