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How many components make up the self?

Three components

What are the three ways in which the self organizes information according to the text?

Raw perception input, recognizing the concept, reproducing in the imagination

Who is considered the 'Father of the Thomistic school of theology'?

Italian Dominican theologian

According to Aquinas's metaethics, what does human goodness depend on?

Performing acts that are in accord with our human nature

Which power of reason is referred to as the will according to Aquinas?

Appetitive power

What is the goal of human existence according to the text?

Union and eternal fellowship with God

According to Plato, how many different parts of the soul does each of us have?


What distinguished Aristotle as more of an empiricist compared to Plato?

His background in biological subjects

Which philosopher insisted that the human being is a composite of body and soul?


What did Augustine of Hippo emphasize as the most important part of the mind?


According to Augustine of Hippo, good persons are those whose will and reason are subordinated to what?

Faith in God

'God's grace may work on us when we are studying Scripture but much study of Scripture is no guarantee of receiving it.' This statement is most aligned with the beliefs of which philosopher?

Augustine of Hippo

Which philosopher believed that the unexamined life is not worth living?


Which philosopher founded the Academy and employed the philosophical method of 'collection and division'?


In the context of man's nature, which philosopher believed in the existence of body and soul?


Which philosopher believed that the goal of life is to achieve happiness through virtue?


Which part of the tri-partite soul is associated with basic biological needs according to the text?

Appetitive (Sensual)

Test your knowledge on the philosophical teachings of Plato and Aristotle, including their views on the soul, ethics, politics, and empiricism. Learn about the key concepts that shaped Western philosophy.

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