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Which gland is responsible for circadian rhythm and initiating sleepiness?

Pineal gland

Which gland contains islets of Langerhans and is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels?


Which gland is responsible for metabolism regulation?


Which gland is the primary organ of the lymphatic system?


Which gland is located within the cranial cavity within the brain?

Pineal gland

Which gland is located within the neck and has a butterfly shape?


Which cells are responsible for antibody mediated immunity?

B cells

Where do B cells originate and mature?

Red bone marrow

Where do T cells mature?


Which cells directly attack infected cells?

Killer T cells

What is the process called when lymph nodes physically stop particles from progressing further in the body?

Mechanical filtration

What is the difference between active and passive immunity?

Active immunity occurs when one's own system responds to harmful agents, passive immunity is transferred

Which type of leukocyte is the largest?


What is the main function of the thymus?

Secretion of hormones for T cell development

What is the process through which phagocytosis occurs?

All of the above

What is the function of albumin in the plasma?

Maintenance of osmotic pressure

What is the role of thrombocytes in the blood?

Assisting in blood clotting

What is the function of prothrombin in the blood clotting process?

Conversion of fibrinogen into fibrin

Which of the following is NOT a role of platelets in hemostasis?

Initiate the formation of megakaryocytes

During which phase of the cardiac cycle do the SL valves open and blood is ejected from the heart?


What is the purpose of the isovolumetric ventricular relaxation phase in the cardiac cycle?

To prevent backflow of blood into the ventricles

Which structure is responsible for relaying information about blood pressure within the autonomic nervous system?


Which layer of the heart wall is the outermost layer?


What is the formula for cardiac output?

Cardiac output = stroke volume x heart rate

Which of the following statements about stroke volume is correct?

The stronger the ventricular contraction, the greater the stroke volume.

Which of the following waves in an ECG represents ventricular contraction?

QRS complex

What is the purpose of the hepatic portal vein?

To filter the blood from the digestive system before distributing it to the rest of the body.

What factors affect peripheral resistance to blood flow?

All of the above.

How does lymph flow through the lymphatic vessels?

Lymph flows through the lymphatic vessels due to the high number of valves that permit fluid in only one direction.

What are the primary cells involved in the adaptive immune system?


Test your knowledge about the vital role of platelets in blood clotting and hemostasis with this quiz. Explore the formation, functions, and mechanisms of platelets in reducing bleeding from injured vessels.

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