Plant Roots and Meristematic Tissues Quiz

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What is the primary root which grows from radicle of the embryo called?

Primary root

What is the specialized structure that protects the newly born soft cells at the root tip?

Root cap

What type of cells are specialized for growth in the tips of roots and shoots in plants?

Meristematic cells

What are the thread-like outgrowths of epidermal cells that increase the surface area for absorption of water?

Root hairs

What causes the root to grow deep into the soil and elongate behind?

Rapid cell divisions in the region of maturation

Test your knowledge of plant roots and meristematic tissues with this quiz! Explore the structure and function of roots as well as the role of meristematic tissues in plant growth. Challenge yourself with questions on primary, secondary, and tertiary root systems, and deepen your understanding of plant biology.

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