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Which of the following is NOT a plant organ?


What is the function of the shoot system in plants?

Performing photosynthesis

Which of the following root structures increases the absorptive surface area of the root?

Lateral roots

What are root hairs?

Thin extensions of root epidermal cells

Which type of roots perform photosynthesis?

Green roots

What are pneumatophores?

Roots specialized for respiration

Which region of the root is responsible for cell division?

Region of cell division

What is the function of the root cap?

All of the above

Which tissue is responsible for the lengthening of roots and shoots from cells derived from apical meristems?

Apical meristem

Which of the following is NOT a component of the vascular cylinder in a root?

Vascular cambium

What is the main function of the bundle sheath in a leaf?

Reinforce the shape of the leaf

Which type of growth leads to the increase in stem length?

Primary growth

Which type of roots provide stability in shallow soils, such as Ficus in tropical soils?

Buttress roots

What is the purpose of stomata on leaves?

To allow carbon dioxide to enter

Which type of stem grows horizontally below-ground and has long to short internodes?


What is the function of shade leaves compared to sun leaves?

They have fewer well-defined mesophyll layers and fewer chloroplasts

Which type of leaf arrangement has two leaves per node?


What is the purpose of tendrils on plants?

To help the plant climb or support weak stems

Which type of meristem is responsible for growth in thickness in woody plants?

Lateral meristem

Where is the vascular cambium located in a woody stem?

Between primary xylem and primary phloem

What does the cork cambium produce?

Cork cells

What is the function of the periderm?

To protect stems and roots from water loss

What are lenticels?

Raised areas along the periderm for gas exchange

What does a thick ring of secondary xylem in a tree indicate?

A wet and warm year

Which tissue type is responsible for the long-distance transport of sugars, water, minerals, and other organic substances in plants?


Which of the following is a function of sclerenchyma cells?

Flexible support

Where are the apical meristems found in plants?

At the tips of roots and shoots

Which specialized leaves trap and digest insects to compensate for nitrogen and other element deficiencies in soil?

Insect-trapping leaves

What is the function of guard cells in plants?

Regulate gas exchange and transpiration

Which type of cell in the xylem is open at each end and has thick secondary cell walls?

Vessel elements

Test your knowledge on specialized leaves in plants with this quiz! From onions to poinsettias, learn about different types of leaves and their unique functions. Can you identify which plants have insect-trapping leaves or floral leaves? Find out now!

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