Plant Root Cells and Xylem Cell Functions

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What is the main function of the permanent vacuole in plant cells?

Improves cell's rigidity

What is the compound that makes up the cell wall of plant cells?


In bacterial cells, what is the function of plasmids?

Code for extra genes beyond chromosomal DNA

Which type of cells have the ability to differentiate throughout their whole life?

Stem cells

What is the key process that allows cells to specialize by gaining new sub-cellular structures?


What is the main function of flagella in bacterial cells?

Allow bacteria to move

What type of cells are animal and plant cells?


Which organelle is found in eukaryotic cells but not in prokaryotic cells?


What is the main function of enzymes in biological systems?

Speed up chemical reactions

In an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, what happens to the rate of reaction when the enzyme concentration is increased?

Rate increases

Which process is responsible for the movement of molecules across a cell membrane, from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration?

Active transport

What is a common method used to investigate osmosis in plant cells?

Core Practical - Investigating Biological Specimens

What is the main function of root hair cells?

To take up water by osmosis and mineral ions by active transport from the soil

What is the role of mitochondria in root hair cells?

To provide energy from respiration for active transport of mineral ions into the cell

What is the purpose of lignin deposition in xylem cells?

To facilitate water and mineral movement by causing cell death and creating hollow tubes

What is the main function of phloem cells in plants?

To transport the products of photosynthesis to all parts of the plant

What is the function of sieve plates in phloem cells?

To allow movement of substances from cell to cell when they break down

Why are microscopes necessary to observe extremely small structures like cells?

To enlarge the image for visibility

Learn about the functions of root hair cells and xylem cells in plants. Understand how root hair cells absorb water and mineral ions, while xylem cells transport them throughout the plant. Explore the importance of specialized structures like the large surface area of root hairs and the presence of mitochondria for energy production.

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