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Which of the following is a micronutrient essential for plant growth?

Iron (Fe)

According to Justus von Liebig’s law of the minimum, what happens if a necessary element is absent for a plant?

The plant is unable to complete a normal life cycle

Where do plants obtain carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen from?

From the air

Which of the following is a macronutrient necessary for plant growth?

Phosphorus (P)

In addition to nitrogen, which other macronutrient is typically obtained from the soil?

Sulfur (S)

What is the primary way energy enters an ecosystem?

Through photosynthesis

What role do animals play in the movement of matter and energy through an ecosystem?

They feed on plants and on one another, influencing matter and energy flow

What do decomposers primarily facilitate in an ecosystem?

Nutrient cycling by converting nutrients stored in dead biomass

Which of the following is an external factor that controls the overall structure of an ecosystem?


What do abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem link together through?

Nutrient cycles and energy flows

Test your knowledge of plant nutrition with this quiz! Explore the essential chemical elements and compounds necessary for plant growth and reproduction, as well as plant metabolism and external supply. See how well you understand Justus von Liebig’s law of the minimum and the importance of various nutrients in the plant life cycle.

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