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What is the primary way that energy enters an ecosystem?

Through photosynthesis

How do animals influence the movement of matter and energy in an ecosystem?

By feeding on plants and each other

Which external factors control the overall structure of an ecosystem?

Climate and topography

How do decomposers contribute to nutrient cycling in an ecosystem?

By converting nutrients stored in dead biomass back to a form usable by plants

Which internal factors are controlled by ecosystem processes?

Root competition and shading

Study Notes

Energy in Ecosystems

  • Energy primarily enters an ecosystem through photosynthesis, where sunlight is converted into chemical energy by producers such as plants and algae.

Animal Influence

  • Animals influence the movement of matter and energy in an ecosystem by consuming other organisms, which transfers energy from one trophic level to the next.
  • They also contribute to nutrient cycling by excreting waste that contains nutrients, which are then available to other organisms.

Ecosystem Structure

  • External factors such as climate, topography, and natural disturbances (e.g., fires, floods) control the overall structure of an ecosystem.
  • These factors determine the types of species that can inhabit the ecosystem and the physical environment.

Decomposers and Nutrient Cycling

  • Decomposers, such as bacteria and fungi, contribute to nutrient cycling by breaking down organic matter into inorganic nutrients.
  • This process releases nutrients, making them available to producers, which in turn supports the growth of new organisms.

Ecosystem Processes

  • Internal factors, such as population dynamics, species interactions, and nutrient cycling, are controlled by ecosystem processes.
  • These processes regulate the functioning of the ecosystem and maintain its overall balance.

Test your knowledge of ecosystems and ecological systems with this quiz! Explore the interactions between organisms and their physical environment, including nutrient cycles, energy flows, and the roles of plants and animals.

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