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What is the genetic basis of style length difference in distyly flowers?

Single gene 's' with two alleles, S and s

In the Primula plant, which flower morphology results in self-incompatibility?

Difference in the length of styles

Which allele is dominant in the Pin (ss) flowers in distyly?

Allele S

What is the phenotype of Thrum flowers in distyly?

Long style and short stamens

Which type of inheritance pattern is observed for style length in distyly?


What is the term used for two types of style lengths present in distyly flowers?


Which flower trait differences lead to self-incompatibility in Heteromorphic System of SI?

Difference in style and stamen length

'Brevistylous' flowers are characterized by:

Short styles and long stamens

'Thrum' flowers are associated with:

"Pin" flowers

Test your knowledge on tristylous plants with this quiz. Learn about the different flower morphs, positions of anthers and styles, and characteristics of each morph.

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