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What is the inherent property with which a body resists any change in its state of motion?


Which branch of physics studies the motion of a body by considering the cause, i.e., force, which produces the motion?


According to the law of inertia, what does a body have the inability to change by itself?

All of the above

According to Newton's first law of motion, when will a body remain at rest or continue to move with uniform velocity?

When no external force is applied to it

What is an external cause in the form of push or pull, which produces or tries to produce motion in a body at rest?


What is the product of the mass of a body and its velocity defined as?


What is the simplest 'frame of reference' used to describe and understand the motion of particles?

Inertial frames

In which type of frame of reference are 'fictitious' or 'pseudo' forces produced?


Which law states that when an external force is applied to a body of constant mass, the acceleration is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body?

Law 2

What is defined as the product of force and the small time interval for which it acts?


According to which law is the total momentum of an isolated system of particles conserved?

Law of Conservation of Momentum

When are concurrent forces said to be in equilibrium?

If their resultant force is zero

What are some simple applications of the law of conservation of linear momentum?

Recoiling of a gun, flight of rockets, and jet planes

"A group of forces which are acting at one point are called"

"Concurrent Forces"

"For concurrent forces to be in equilibrium, their resultant force must be"


"The impulse of a force for a given time is equal to"

"The total change in momentum of the body during the given time"

Test your knowledge of dynamics and force in physics with this quiz. Explore concepts such as the motion of a body, forces, and inertia.

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