Physical Education: Factors Affecting Exercise and Performance

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What is a common risk associated with exercising in extreme temperatures?

All of the above

What happens to the body during physical activity?

It regulates its temperature

What is the primary cause of dehydration during physical activity?

Excessive sweating

What is the importance of observing personal safety protocols during MVPA participation?

To avoid certain health risks

What is the result of excessive water loss from the body during physical activity?


What is the primary reason for experiencing dehydration or overexertion during physical activity?

Inadequate fluid intake

What should you do if you start to feel uncomfortable while exercising in the heat?

Slow down or stop exercising

What is an adaptation that occurs after a few days of exercising in hot weather?

Improved blood distribution and increased blood volume

What is a recommended hydration practice before exercising in the heat?

Drink 2 cups of fluids 2 hours before exercising

What clothing characteristic is recommended for exercising in hot weather?

Breathable and light-colored

What should you do if you experience heat disorder symptoms?

Act appropriately and take regular breaks

At what temperature and humidity should you exercise with caution?

Above 80F and 60% humidity

What happens to the body temperature when the air temperature exceeds the skin temperature in a hot and dry environment?

It increases

What is the primary mechanism by which the body cools itself during exercise in hot weather?

Evaporative cooling from sweat

Why is exercising in hot and humid weather more dangerous than in hot and dry weather?

Because humidity decreases sweat rate

What is the consequence of losing too much water during exercise in hot weather?

All of the above

What happens to the body's temperature-regulating mechanism during heat stroke?

It temporarily collapses

What is the primary cause of heat-related illnesses during exercise in hot weather?

Inadequate hydration

This quiz covers the importance of proper preparation in physical activities, factors affecting exercise and performance, and how to avoid injuries and health risks during exercise.

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