Philosophy Quiz: Idealism, Existentialism, and More

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Which philosophy asserts that ideas are the only reliable form of reality because the physical world is always changing?


Which educational philosophy suggests that a critical core of knowledge and skills exists that all people should possess?


What is the primary ethical responsibility of a teacher?

To uphold professional standards of conduct and behavior

Who is excluded in the definition of professional teacher in the Code of Ethics?

The Librarian

What is the responsibility of a teacher in terms of maintaining confidentiality?

To only share student information with other school personnel who have a legitimate need to know

Which philosophy rejects the idea of absolute, unchanging truth, instead asserting that truth is 'what works'?


What is the educational philosophy that emphasizes the role of education in solving social problems and promoting social change?

Social Reconstructionism

According to the structural-functional theory, what is the primary role of education in society?

To strengthen cultural standards and values

What is the likely language disorder suffered by Raymond, who has difficulty finding the right words to say and often says 'uh' when unable to express himself?

Expressive Language Disorder

What is the primary goal of Social Reconstructionism in education?

To promote social change and solving social problems

What is the name of the yearly program in the Philippines that aims to prepare public schools for the opening of the academic year?

Brigada Eskwela

What is the philosophical basis for the Department of Education's emphasis on developing basic skills?


Which philosophy of education advocates for the inclusion of universal and unchanging truths in the curriculum?


Why should a teacher study and understand the customs and traditions of the community where they work?

To have a sympathetic attitude for the people of the community

What kind of education does Mrs. Sara promote by including books and resources from various cultures and ethnic groups?

Multicultural education

What does it mean when a professional teacher shows no signs of ethnocentrism in their leadership?

Does not belittle other people's culture

What is the program that exemplifies school and community partnership, where stakeholders contribute their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that school facilities are ready for the school opening?

Brigada Eskwela

Test your knowledge of philosophical concepts, including idealism, existentialism, and realism. Identify the correct philosophical approach based on its characteristics and principles.

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