Philosophy of Ethics and Morality

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What is a fundamental aspect of moral agency?

The ability to make moral judgments and take actions accordingly

What is a key characteristic of moral principles?

They vary from person to person

What is a criterion for personhood?

The capacity for self-awareness

What is a characteristic of a person's social self?

It is shaped by societal norms and expectations

What is a type of freedom that is related to moral agency?

Freedom to make moral judgments

What is a key factor in determining personhood?

Ability to feel pleasure or pain

What is NOT considered a person?

Human excrement

What is a characteristic of a person's digital self?

It is shaped by their online interactions and presence

What is a moral issue?

A situation with the potential to help or harm anyone

What is an example of a moral issue?


What is a type of ethical issue?


What is a factor that influences moral principles?


What is the primary characteristic of a moral agent according to philosophers?

The capacity to reason and form self-interested judgments

What type of freedom refers to the ability to act without external influence or coercion?

Circumstantial Freedom

What is the fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior?


According to the concept of moral agency, what is the basis for determining right and wrong?

A perceived notion of good and bad

What is the term for the freedom to make genuine choices among available options?

Metaphysical Freedom or Freewill

What is the criteria for a person to be considered rational?

Their beliefs and actions conform to the dictates of principles or are subjectively guided by them

Explore the concepts of personhood, moral principles, and the guidelines that shape our moral community. Learn about the characteristics of a person, moral principles, and the reciprocal actions that define our actions and their consequences.

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