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During the Spanish Period, what was the concept of encomienda related to?

Royal Land Grants and defense

In the American Period, what was the significance of the Philippine Bill of 1902?

It set ceilings on land acquisition for individuals and corporations

What did Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo declare in the Malolos Constitution during the First Philippine Republic?

Intention to confiscate large estates, especially Friar lands

During the Pre-Spanish Period, who ruled the Filipino villages or barangays?

Chiefs or datus

What did the Land Registration Act of 1902 provide for during the American Period?

Comprehensive registration of land

Study Notes

Spanish Period

  • The concept of encomienda was a system where Spanish colonizers granted land and native labor to Spanish conquistadors and colonists in exchange for their loyalty and protection.

American Period

  • The Philippine Bill of 1902, also known as the Cooper Act, provided for the establishment of a civil government in the Philippines, with a governor-general appointed by the US President, and a Philippine Commission that would serve as the upper house of the legislature.
  • The Land Registration Act of 1902 provided for the titling of public lands, allowing individuals to own land privately and promoting the development of a land market.

First Philippine Republic

  • Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo declared the Malolos Constitution, which established the First Philippine Republic with a democratic government, in 1899.

Pre-Spanish Period

  • Datu or Lakan ruled the Filipino villages or barangays, which were usually small and autonomous, with their own system of government and trade.

Test your knowledge of Philippine history with this quiz that covers the Pre-Spanish and Spanish periods. Explore the social structures, governance, and economic systems that shaped the Philippines during these eras.

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