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What are the factors to consider in building a house during the Pre-Spanish period?

Setting (Geography), Climate, Availability of Resources

What is the significance of the Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) in Philippine culture?

It represents the 'bayanihan' spirit of communal unity or effort.

What material was commonly used to build churches during the Spanish period?

Adobe (volcanic tuff), stone, coral stone, or bricks

Where were the Forts built during the Spanish period?

They were built in strong fortified places that served as permanent army posts.

What is the architectural style of the Bahay na Bato (19th century town houses)?

It is a mixture of native Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese influences.

What purpose did the Plaza serve during the Spanish period?

It was a public square located near urban buildings and walkways.

Test your knowledge on the factors to consider in building a house in Philippine architecture history, including setting, climate, and availability of resources. Explore architectural developments from the pre-Spanish period, such as cave dwellings, primitive huts, and tree houses.

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