Pharmacognosy Introduction and Sources of Drugs

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What term was used in the 19th century for the subject now known as Pharmacognosy?

Materia Medica

Who coined the term Pharmacognosy in 1815 in the title of his work 'Analecta Pharmacognostica'?


Which of the following is an example of a secondary metabolite produced by plants?


What are the sources of drugs according to the content provided?

Plants, Animals, Marine & Tissue culture

What is the difference between primary metabolite and secondary metabolite?

Primary metabolites are directly involved in growth and development while secondary metabolites have no role in normal growth.

What family does Sarsaparilla belong to?


Which geographical source is not mentioned for Sarsaparilla?


What is the primary part used of Sarsaparilla?


What are the primary pharmacological properties of Sarsaparilla attributed to?

Plant steroids

What is one of the traditional uses of Sarsaparilla by tribal people in Peru and Honduras?

Curing headaches

What do European physicians primarily use sarsaparilla root for?


What is the definition of Pharmacognosy?

Study of medicinal and related products obtained from natural origins

How is Sarsaparilla described in terms of growth?

Woody vine up to a height of 50 m

What is sarsaparilla used to treat according to the text?

Arthritis and Gout

Which plant chemicals are attributed to the pharmacological properties of Sarsaparilla?

Smilagenin, sarsasapogenin, sitosterol, stigmasterol

Apart from skin problems such as psoriasis and dermatitis, what else is sarsaparilla used for according to the given text?

Treating wounds and cough

Test your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Pharmacognosy, including the definition, history, scope, and development of the field, as well as the sources of drugs such as plants, animals, marine organisms, and tissue culture. Explore the differences between primary metabolites and secondary metabolites.

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