Pharaoh's Duties in Ancient Egypt Quiz

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What was the main belief of the Egyptians about the Pharaoh?

The Pharaoh was considered the son of the Egyptian sun god, Re

What was one of the main duties of the Pharaoh according to the text?

Unify Egypt

What did the Egyptians believe about the role of the god Re in relation to the Pharaoh?

Re protected people during hard times

During which period did the Ancient Egyptian civilization reach the pinnacle of its power?

New Kingdom

Who is often identified with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt?


Which foreign power invaded or conquered Egypt during its history?

All of the above

In which region did Egypt rule a sizable portion during the New Kingdom?


When did the history of ancient Egypt occur as a series of stable kingdoms separated by periods of relative instability?

Intermediate Periods

Test your knowledge of ancient Egyptian history with this quiz on the main duties of the Pharaoh. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, including unifying the country, leading during both prosperous and challenging times, appointing officials, giving orders, and leading religious ceremonies.

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