Petrology: Classification of Rocks

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Which type of rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of lava or magma?

Igneous rock

From which type of sediments are sedimentary rocks formed?

Mineral particles and binding matrix

What type of rock is formed from other rocks that are changed by intense heat and pressure underground?

Metamorphic rock

What is the main source of the material lime?


Where is sandstone found?

In river and stream beds

What occurs when deeply buried sand is exposed to pressure and slightly higher temperatures?

Formation of conglomerate

What type of rock is formed from the accumulation of calcareous shell remains?


Which type of limestone is poorly cemented?


What process forms tufa?

Precipitation of calcium carbonate

Which sedimentary rock is distinguished by being fissile and laminated?


Where is conglomerate most likely to form?

Near fault lines and tectonic activity

What type of rock is formed when other rock is subjected to weathering?


Which one of the following is a nonfoliated metamorphic rock?


"Riprap" is a common use for which type of rock?


Learn about the compositions, structures, and origins of rocks through the study of petrology. This quiz covers the three major classifications of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary, with a focus on their formation processes.

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