Personality Disorders

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Which cluster of personality disorders has the highest estimated prevalence?

Cluster C

What percentage of people meet criteria for at least 1 personality disorder?


Why are misdiagnoses more likely to occur in personality disorders compared to other categories of disorders?

Diagnostic criteria are not sharply defined

What are the advantages of categorical approaches to personality?

Ease of communication and conceptualisation

What is the estimated prevalence of Cluster B personality disorders?


Which of the following is a characteristic of paranoid personality disorder?

Tendency to see hidden meaning in remarks

What is a common feature of schizoid personality disorder?

Impaired social relationships

Which factor is associated with the development of paranoid personality disorder?

High heritability

What distinguishes paranoid personality disorder from psychotic disorders?

In touch with reality

Which personality disorder is characterized by apathy and an inability to express feelings?

Schizoid personality disorder

Test your knowledge on personality disorders prevalence and challenges in diagnosis with this informative quiz. Learn about the estimates from studies worldwide and the percentage of people meeting criteria for each cluster. Discover the common challenges in diagnosing personality disorders and understand the potential for misdiagnoses.

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