Personality and Mortality

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In the Martin 2017 study, which factor was found to be a significant predictor of mortality risk across the full life span?

Childhood personality

In the Martin 2017 study, what was found about the link between childhood conscientiousness and mortality risk?

The link remained significant when adult conscientiousness was controlled

What did the study conclude about conscientiousness in relation to health?

Conscientiousness is a key area for future biopsychosocial studies

Which personality trait is the strongest and most consistent predictor of health and longevity?


Which trait listed below is linked with cardiovascular disease?


Which personality facet has various positive effects, including adaptive coping and better immune response?


Which personality trait has weak evidence and few substantial effects on health outcomes?


Which factor predicts better health and longer life?


What type of reports were better predictors of longevity?

Friend's reports of personality

Which personality trait was protective for women's longevity?


What did the study find about the links between changes in conscientiousness and health-related behaviors?

Changes in conscientiousness were positively correlated with changes in health-related behaviors

Predicting Health Outcomes: Explore the relationship between personality, behavior, and mortality risk in this quiz based on the study by Martin et al. Discover how childhood and adulthood personalities can independently predict health outcomes and the role of psychosocial factors in explaining these associations.

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