Perceptions of Inequality and Discrimination Quiz

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How do high-status groups tend to perceive discrimination compared to low-status groups?

High-status groups tend to perceive less discrimination than low-status groups

How do white respondents perceive progress towards equality compared to black respondents?

White respondents perceive more progress towards equality than black respondents

What does prospect theory suggest about people's attitudes towards racial equality?

People are risk-averse and perceive increased racial equality as a loss

How do racist websites frame race relations in terms of social change?

Racist websites frame race relations as 'white people losing ground'

How can affirmative action be framed from the perspective of white privilege?

Affirmative action can be framed as a loss of white privilege

What is the affective component of prejudice?

Feelings towards a social group

What is the glass ceiling effect related to in corporate settings?

The underrepresentation of women in high-status positions

What is the glass cliff phenomenon associated with?

Women being chosen for leadership roles during crises

What is the impact of tokenism in terms of collective protest?

Detering collective protest

How are women breaking through the glass ceiling typically perceived?

As less competent and undermining their performance

Test your understanding of perceptions of inequality among different groups and the legitimacy of discrimination based on the group's perspective. Explore differences in how different racial groups perceive discrimination and inequality, particularly in employment wages.

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