Peptide Display and T Cell Recognition

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Which cells are responsible for eliminating cytoplasmic microbes?


What is the main function of CD4+ T lymphocytes?

Assisting macrophages

Which cells are responsible for eliminating intracellular viruses?


What is the role of antibodies in the immune response?

Eliminating extracellular microbes

Which type of antigens can T lymphocytes recognize?

Both intracellular and extracellular antigens

What is the function of class I MHC molecules?

To display cytosolic antigens

What is the significance of segregating the class I and class II pathways of antigen processing?

To respond to all types of microbes

Which type of peptides are considered immunodominant peptides of the antigen?

Peptides that are covalently modified by chemicals

What makes it difficult to select a small number of peptides from any microbe that would be immunogenic in a large number of people?

The enormous polymorphism of MHC molecules in the population

Which genes are responsible for the lack of response to simple protein antigens in some inbred animals?

Immune response (Ir) genes

In what manner do T cells recognize and react against small molecules and metal ions?

By altering the structure of the peptide-binding cleft of MHC molecules

Test your knowledge on the peptide display function of MHC molecules and its importance in T cell-mediated immunity. Explore the fundamental features and restrictions of T cell recognition in this informative quiz.

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