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What is the purpose of pasteurization?

To reduce the number of microbes in foods

Which method of pasteurization involves heating at 72˚C for 15 sec?

Continuous flow method

What is the purpose of UV air in sterilizing systems?

To cause DNA/RNA damage to microorganisms

What is the decimal reduction time?

The time it takes to reduce the number of viable organisms by 10-fold

How does ionizing radiation control microbial growth?

By damaging DNA, RNA, and proteins

Study Notes


  • The purpose of pasteurization is to reduce the number of pathogens in a product, making it safe for consumption.

Methods of Pasteurization

  • The "Higher Heat Shorter Time" (HHST) method involves heating at 72˚C for 15 seconds.

UV Sterilization

  • The purpose of UV air in sterilizing systems is to reduce microbial contamination.

Decimal Reduction Time

  • The decimal reduction time is the time required to reduce the microbial population by 90% at a given temperature.

Ionizing Radiation

  • Ionizing radiation controls microbial growth by damaging the DNA of microorganisms, making it difficult for them to reproduce.

Test your knowledge of microbial growth control with this quiz on pasteurization! Learn about the process of pasteurization and its application methods, including batch and continuous flow. See how well you understand the use of heat to reduce or kill microbes in heat-sensitive liquids.

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