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What is the genre of the film Parasite?

Black comedy

What is the main problem faced by the poor family in the film Parasite?

Poor living conditions

How many people worldwide do not have access to a toilet?

2 billion

What impact does poor housing quality have on poor families?

Puts their health and lives at risk

What is the estimated number of people left homeless each year due to disasters and climate change?

14 million

What is one major way inadequate housing affects mental health?

It leads to a decrease in self-esteem

Why does living in crowded conditions contribute to an increase in domestic violence?

It limits privacy and risks inflaming family relationships

What is one major issue related to high housing costs?

Stress for adults paying their rent or mortgage

What do studies suggest about the impact of earthquakes on mental health?

They result in severe PTSD due to trauma and displacement

How can cities improve housing conditions and build healthier communities?

By supporting home improvements and making buildings stronger and more resilient

What is the main reason the author has become interiors-obsessed?

To personalize a house they don't own

Why are interior design apps becoming popular among millennials?

Due to economic uncertainties and rising student debts

What is the impact of economic uncertainties on millennials' homeownership rates?

They have fallen by 20% in the last decade

Why do many young people resort to decorating apps for house personalization?

Because they can't afford to own a home

What has become as close as many young people can get to personalizing a house?

Tapping away at phone screens using decorating apps

What is the main allure of the Design Home app?

Daily challenges and rewards for decorating different rooms

According to Chris McGill, why have interior design apps become popular?

To fulfill the need for creativity and expression through interior design

What problem do interior design apps aim to address, according to Alessandra Wood?

The lack of time, effort, and money required for real-life interior design

What has become mainstream at the same time as homeownership has plummeted?

Interior design for the masses

What is the primary purpose of the virtual cash and rewards in the Design Home app?

To incentivize users to decorate different rooms daily

Test your knowledge of the plot and themes of the award-winning film Parasite. Explore the intricacies of the poor family's scheme to improve their living conditions and the underlying themes of housing inequality. Get ready to delve into the mayhem and dark comedy of this acclaimed movie.

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