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What is the consequence of the dorsal part (accessory pancreatic duct) opening independently into the duodenum?

More efficient mixing of pancreatic juice and bile

During the sixth week of gestation, what occurs when the two parts of the pancreas meet and fuse?

A communication is established between their ducts

What happens to the terminal part of the accessory duct post-fusion of the two parts of the pancreas?

It undergoes some enlargement and its opening into the duodenum may be obliterated

How does the position of the pancreas change as the stomach's position shifts during development?

The right side of the pancreas moves forward while the left side moves backward

What type of scan planes are used in ultrasound imaging of the pancreas?

Transverse, longitudinal, and angled oblique planes

Which part of the pancreas forms the main duct of the gland as it enlarges?

Pancreatic duct

What is the main function of the exocrine secretion of the pancreas?

Production of digestive fluid

Which part of the pancreas usually appears as a slight constriction connecting the head to the body?


Where is the uncinate process of the pancreas located?

Originates from the lower left portion of the head

Which vessel is the head of the pancreas completely leaned against in contact with the inferior vena cava behind and the portal vein at the top?

Inferior vena cava

What determines a slight curvature of the pancreas?

Surrounding soft retroperitoneal tissue

Which part of the pancreas is located within the curve of the duodenum and is in contact with both inferior vena cava and portal vein?


Where is the pancreas located in relation to the main vessels?

In front of the main vessels

Which term describes the overall shape of the pancreas?

Flattened and tapered

At what vertebral level is the pancreas typically located?

First lumbar vertebra

Which imaging technique is commonly used to study the pancreas?


Which vascular system is specifically mentioned in relation to the pancreas?

Hepatic portal system

What type of inflammatory disease affects the pancreas?


Which type of neoplasm can be present in the pancreas?


Study Notes

Pancreas Development

  • The pancreas develops from two parts: the dorsal part (accessory pancreatic duct) and the ventral part (main pancreatic duct).
  • Around the sixth week of gestation, the two parts meet and fuse, establishing a communication between their ducts.

Pancreas Anatomy

  • The pancreas is a compound racemose gland with exocrine and endocrine functions.
  • It is divided into four parts: head, neck, body, and tail.
  • The head lies within the curve of the duodenum and is in contact with the inferior vena cava and portal vein.
  • The uncinate process originates from the lower left portion of the head and lies posteriorly to the superior mesenteric vessels.
  • The neck or isthmus connects the head to the body and is related to the origin of the portal vein.

Pancreas Location

  • The pancreas is a medium retroperitoneal organ, slightly flattened and tapered.
  • It is located transversally in front of the main vessels, at the level of the first or second lumbar vertebra.

Ultrasound Study of the Pancreas

  • The study of the pancreas includes transverse, longitudinal, and angled oblique scan planes.
  • The pancreas has a slightly oblique shape, extending left-upward, with the cephalic portion generally in a lower position compared to the body and tail.
  • It lies against the vertebral column, which determines a slight curvature of the organ.

Test your knowledge on the anatomy of the pancreas, including its position, shape, surrounding tissues, and exocrine functions. Learn about the compound racemose gland and the secretion of pancreatic juice.

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