Palestinian Hospital Patient's Condition

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What is the name of the twins' father?


What was Waleed's health issue as described in the text?

Exhaustion and rapid heart rate

Who was asked to look after Deema while Waleed went for the operation?

The author

What time did Samar call to update the author about the operation?


Where did the author take Deema while waiting for Samar and Anas to return?

To a park

Why did Samar urgently call the author?

To inform about changing the operation schedule for Waleed

What was the reason Waleed needed an operation?

'A hole in the heart'

Study Notes

The Story of Waleed's Heart Operation

  • The narrator meets Samar and Anas Rammal while writing about patients at a Palestinian hospital, and they become friends.
  • Samar and Anas have twins, Deema and Waleed, and the narrator has watched them grow.
  • Waleed begins experiencing symptoms such as exhaustion and rapid heartbeat, leading to a diagnosis of a "hole in the heart" condition.
  • An operation is scheduled, but then suddenly moved up due to a cancellation.

The Day of the Operation

  • The narrator receives a call from Samar at 08:15, asking for help as Waleed's operation is being moved up and she needs someone to look after Deema.
  • The narrator agrees to help and heads to the Rammal's apartment, where Samar briefs Deema on the situation and says goodbye.
  • The narrator spends the day looking after Deema, trying to distract her with playtime, feeding, and a trip to the park, while anxiously waiting for news from the hospital.

After the Operation

  • At 3:00, Samar calls the narrator to update them on the operation's outcome.

Learn about the medical condition of Waleed, a baby born at a Palestinian hospital, and the worrying symptoms he was experiencing. Find out how his family and friends reacted to his diagnosis and the challenges they faced.

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