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Orthodontic Introduction Lecture 1

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What is orthodontia?

The branch of dentistry dealing with abnormalities of the teeth and jaw

What is the purpose of orthodontic care?

To straighten teeth and correct dental crowding

What health problems can orthodontics help in treating?

Cleft lip and palate

What are the main types of orthodontic appliances mentioned in the text?

Fixed braces, removable applainces, and headgear

What is the most common type of orthodontic appliance according to the text?

Fixed braces

At what stage can orthodontic care involve correcting the position of the upper or lower jaw or both?

Before adolescence period

What is the goal of preventive orthodontic treatment?

To provide favorable conditions for the eruption of permanent teeth

What is the focus of comprehensive orthodontic treatment?

To restore the correct occlusion of the teeth

What is an example of interceptive orthodontic treatment?

Using a palate expander device to increase the size of a small jaw

Who performs surgical orthodontic procedures?

Oral surgeons

When can the treatment of malocclusion begin?

At any age

What does interceptive orthodontic treatment aim to do?

Prevent the development of serious dental problems

Which type of braces fit onto the back of the teeth?

Lingual braces

In which type of dentition can comprehensive orthodontic treatment begin?

All of these

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