Organizational Structure Design

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What type of organizational structure is preferred for an innovation strategy?

Organic structure

What is the primary goal of a cost leadership strategy?

To maximize productivity and offer competitive pricing

What determines the type of organizational structure to be used?


According to Lloyd Blankfein, what is more important for a leader?

The goodwill of subordinates

What does the phrase 'structure follows strategy' mean?

Leaders decide the structure after determining the strategy

What is the main difference between an innovation strategy and a cost leadership strategy?

One focuses on customization, the other on productivity

What is the role of leaders in determining organizational structure?

They decide the structure based on the strategy

What type of organizational structure is preferred for a cost leadership strategy?

Mechanistic structure

What is the primary focus of an innovation strategy?

Providing unique products or customizations

What is the relationship between the formal organizational structure and the everyday relationships in an organization?

They are two separate structures that exist in an organization

Test your knowledge on designing organizational structures, including coordination types, span of control, centralization, and formalization, and how they relate to organic and mechanistic structures. This quiz covers the key concepts and elements of organizational design. Learn how to effectively design and manage organizational structures.

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