Organizational Design and Structure

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What is the primary benefit of functional departmentalization?

Achievement of economies of scale and scope

What term refers to the rights inherent in a managerial position to give orders and expect them to be obeyed?


Which type of departmentalization is typically found in factories, workshops, and medical facilities?

Process departmentalization

What is the primary goal of decentralization in organizational design?

To distribute decision-making authority more widely

What is the primary advantage of work specialization?

Improved efficiency

How many key elements of organizational structure are identified in the text?


What does line authority entitle a manager to do?

Direct the work of an employee

What is the principle that states each employee reports to only one manager?

Unity of Command

What determines how many employees a manager can efficiently supervise?

Complexity of tasks and employee similarity

What type of organization has decision making at upper levels?


What is the term for how standardized an organization's jobs are?


What is the opposite of a mechanistic organizational design?

Organic model

What type of structure is associated with a passionate pursuit of innovation?


What is the typical size of an organization with an organic structure?

Less than 2,000 employees

What type of environment is associated with a mechanistic structure?

Stable environment

What is the main characteristic of a traditional organizational design?

Hierarchical, centralized structure

What type of structure is often used for project-based work?

Matrix-Project structure

Test your knowledge of organizational design models, contingency factors, and key elements that shape an organization's structure. Compare and contrast traditional and contemporary approaches to organizational design.

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