Oral Radiology Lecture 9: Radiation Biology and Hazard

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Which type of radiation has sufficient energy to dislodge orbital electrons?

Alpha particles

What is the basic effect of radiation on living subjects?

Formation of new chemicals

Which type of radiation does not have sufficient energy to dislodge orbital electrons?

Radio waves

What is the study of the effects of ionizing radiation on living systems called?

Radiation biology

What happens when an X-Ray photon strikes a negative electron in the atom of living subjects?

The electron is displaced, leading to ionization

What is the term for the initial interaction between ionizing radiation and matter at the level of the electron within the first 10-13 seconds after exposure?

Direct effect

Which mechanism of ionizing radiation is responsible for direct damage to specific targets within the cell?

Direct effect

When X-Ray photons are absorbed within the cell and cause the formation of toxins, which type of effect is this termed?

Indirect effect

What is the term for the probability of an effect increasing with the dose, but the severity of the effect being independent of the dose received?

Stochastic effect

Which type of effect refers to cell killing caused by very high doses of radiation?

Deterministic effect

Test your knowledge of radiation biology and hazard with this quiz based on Dr. Mariam Zainy's lecture 9 at Al-Turath University. Learn about biological effects of radiation and different types of radiation, including non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.

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