Oral Biofilms and Dental Plaque Quiz
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Oral Biofilms and Dental Plaque Quiz

Test your knowledge of oral biofilms and dental plaque with this quiz. Explore the structure, composition, and clinical significance of these microbial communities that adhere to mucosal and dental surfaces.

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Why is it impossible to remove plaque by rinsing or the use of sprays?

Due to the presence of a tough extracellular matrix

What is dental plaque defined as clinically?

A structured resilient yellow-grayish biofilm

What differentiates plaque from other deposits found on the tooth surface?

Presence of a structured resilient biofilm

Study Notes

Dental Plaque

  • Plaque cannot be removed by rinsing or using sprays because it is a sticky, biofilm-like substance that adheres to the tooth surface.

Definition of Dental Plaque

  • Clinically, dental plaque is defined as a soft, thin, and sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth.

Plaque vs. Other Deposits

  • What differentiates plaque from other deposits found on the tooth surface is its living nature, consisting of a complex community of microorganisms that produce extracellular polymers, which bind them to the tooth surface and to each other.

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