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What is a schema in Oracle database?

A collection of objects owned by a database user

What is the purpose of roles in Oracle database?

To group related privileges and simplify user management

What is the difference between system privileges and object privileges in Oracle database?

System privileges are for database administration tasks, while object privileges are for specific database objects

What is the purpose of controlling database access in a multiple-user environment?

To maintain security of database access and use

How can privileges be confirmed in Oracle database?

Using the Oracle data dictionary

Relational databases store data in one-dimensional tables, true or false?


A relational database management system is built based on the hierarchical network model, true or false?


Data integrity is not a concern in relational databases, true or false?


Views and indexes are examples of structures in Oracle, true or false?


SELECT statements are examples of operations in relational databases, true or false?


Study Notes

Relational Database Model

  • A relational database is a collection of relations or two-dimensional tables.
  • The relational model consists of three components:
    • A collection of objects or relations
    • A set of operators to act on the relations
    • Data integrity for accuracy and consistency

Evolution of Database Management Systems

  • Database management systems evolved from hierarchical and network models to relational database management systems (RDBMS).

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

  • An RDBMS is an organized model of subjects and characteristics that have relationships among the subjects.
  • RDBMS is a type of database management software built based on the relational model.

Characteristics of Relational Databases

  • Relational databases have three major characteristics:


  • Stores or accesses data from the database.
  • Examples of structures in Oracle include tables, views, and indexes.


  • Defines structures or manipulates data between structures.
  • Examples of operations include SELECT statements and CREATE statements.

Test your knowledge of user management in Oracle 12c database with this quiz. Explore topics such as system privileges, object privileges, granting privileges on tables, and understanding roles. Sharpen your understanding of controlling user access in Oracle databases.

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