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Why is it important to understand the difference between open-ended and closed questions?

To conduct more effective surveys and interviews

What is the main reason for using open-ended questions vs closed questions?

Open-ended questions allow for much more detail and a free flow of information

What impact does the way questions are phrased have on the answers received?

Huge impact

In what way are open-ended questions different from closed-ended questions?

Open-ended questions allow for detailed responses

Which type of question allows for more detailed and expansive responses?

Open-ended questions

What is the main purpose of asking open-ended questions?

To elicit detailed and expansive responses

Why are open-ended questions preferred over closed-ended questions?

They allow for a broader range of responses

What impact does the phrasing of questions have on the answers received?

It has a huge impact on the answers received

In what way do closed-ended questions differ from open-ended questions?

They lead to limited answers

What is the main reason for using closed-ended questions?

To obtain specific and concise answers

Test your knowledge of open-ended and closed-ended questions with this quiz! Learn how to effectively use each type of question in surveys and interviews.

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