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Help An Officer / Help A Firefighter Calls

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Which statement about responding to a 'Help' call is correct?

The first sworn supervisor on the scene remains in command until relieved by a higher-ranking officer.

What should officers do once the 'Help' scene has been secured?

Immediately return to service or move away from the scene if not needed.

When is an Overnight email required for a 'Help' call incident?

In all 'Help' call incidents, with no exceptions.

How does dispatch assist in directing responding officers to the 'Help' call scene?

By pinging all responding officers' portable radios to determine their exact location.

When is an Inter-Office Communication required for a 'Help' call incident?

In serious and unusual situations, in addition to the Overnight email.

What should responding units do if they have not yet arrived at the 'Help' call scene?

Turn away from the area if the 911 Dispatcher cancels additional units.

Learn about the response procedures for 'Help an Officer' and 'Help a Firefighter' calls at the Omaha Police Department. Understand how these calls are prioritized and dispatched by the 911 Dispatch.

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