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When did the convention establish Coroebus's victory as Year 1 of Olympiad 1?

Summer of 776 BC

How is Olympiad N reckoned for N less than 195?

$780 - 4N$ BC to $776 - 4N$ BC

When did Olympiad 2 begin?

Summer of 772 BC

For N greater than or equal to 195, when did Olympiad N start?

AD $(4N) - 779$

When was the first recorded Olympic contest used as a calendar epoch?

Hellenistic period

What is the primary form of reproduction for single-celled organisms such as archaea and bacteria?

Asexual reproduction

In vertebrates, what is the most common form of asexual reproduction?


What type of reproduction involves the fusion of gametes?

Sexual reproduction

What is the offspring created by asexual reproduction genetically and physically similar to?

The parent

Which organisms can reproduce asexually?

Many eukaryotic organisms including plants, animals, and fungi

Test your knowledge of ancient and modern Olympic Games with this quiz on Olympiads. From the establishment during Greece's Archaic Era to the recorded Olympic contests in the Hellenistic period, this quiz covers significant events and historical milestones associated with Olympiads.

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