Olefins and Nomenclature Quiz

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What is the bond angle in a molecule of an olefin with SP2 hybridization?


What is the general formula for olefins?


How are substituents numbered in a chain containing a double bond in nomenclature?

Start from the end that gives the double bond the least possible number followed by substituents.

What are vinyl and allyl commonly encountered names for?

Unsaturated groups

At what carbon atoms are the double bond carbons numbered in cycloalkenes?

1 & 2

What type of reaction is used for the synthesis of alkenes?

Elimination reaction

Which mechanism is primarily involved in the dehydrohalogenation of alkyl halides?

E2 mechanism

According to Zaitsev's rule, where is hydrogen typically eliminated from during an E2 elimination?

Less hydrogenated carbon (beta carbon)

What is typically used to promote the dehydration of alcohols at high temperatures?


What type of base is typically used to favor an E2 mechanism in dehydrohalogenation reactions?

Non-nucleophilic base

Test your knowledge of olefins (unsaturated hydrocarbons with a carbon-carbon double bond) and their nomenclature. This quiz covers topics such as SP2 hybridization, bond angles, planarity, and the rules for naming olefins based on the longest continuous carbon chain and functional groups.

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