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According to Aristotle, what is the primary aim of literature?

Moral instruction

In Aristotle's view, what quality should a tragic hero possess?

Nobility in both birth and manner

What is the term for a sudden change in fortune or reversal of circumstances in a tragedy?


Why is it important for the audience to feel pity and fear for the tragic hero?

To warn against possessing certain character flaws

According to Aristotle, what does the term 'catharsis' mean in the context of a tragedy?

Purging or cleansing emotions

Which term describes the process by which a tragic hero makes a mistake that leads to their downfall?


What is Oedipus' tragic flaw in the play?


Which character from 'Antigone' is known for his stubbornness and fixation on the law?


What is Hamlet's hamartia in Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet'?


What is a key difference between tragic heroes and antiheroes?

Tragic heroes often fail due to their own flaws, while antiheroes meet with success and have a happy ending.

What leads to Eddard Stark's death in Game of Thrones?

His refusal to abandon his position despite signs of danger.

Why does Gatsby take the blame for a murder in the text?

To protect Daisy, the woman he loves.

How are antiheroes different from traditional heroes?

Antiheroes possess villainous aspects or lack heroic traits, unlike traditional heroes.

What role does a tragic hero typically play in a story?

They often have a ruinous end due to their own flaws.

How do modern tragic heroes differ from classic tragic heroes?

Classic tragic heroes frequently shift away from virtue, while modern tragic heroes maintain virtuous behavior.

Test your knowledge of the classic Greek tragedy 'Oedipus Rex' by Sophocles. Explore themes like fate, hubris, and the concept of anagnorisis as Oedipus unravels the truth about his identity and tragic destiny.

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