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Which type of variable can hold exactly one value of its declared type at a time?

Primitive-type variable

What is the purpose of the Try-Catch statement in Java?

To handle exceptions that may occur during program execution

What does the Enhanced for Statement in Java allow you to do?

Iterate over elements of an array or other iterable object

When passing an array to a method in Java, is it pass-by-value or pass-by-reference?


What is the purpose of multidimensional arrays in Java?

To store data in a tabular form

Study Notes

Object Oriented Programming Week 10 Arrays

  • The College of Computing and Informatics is teaching Object Oriented Programming with a focus on arrays.
  • The week's content includes topics such as primitive vs. reference type, creating, initializing, and modifying arrays, exception handling (try-catch statement), enhanced for statement, passing arrays to methods, pass-by-value vs. pass-by-reference, and multidimensional arrays.
  • The goal is to use arrays to solve different Java problems and understand the difference between pass-by-value and pass-by-reference.
  • The required reading for this week is Chapter 6 of "Java: How to program: Late Objects", and the recommended reading includes Chapter 3 of "Java The Complete Reference, Eleventh Edition".
  • The Java Arrays Tutorial provided by Oracle is also recommended as additional learning material.
  • Primitive-type variables can hold only one value of their declared type at a time.
  • For example, an int variable can store one integer at a time.
  • When a different value is assigned to a primitive-type variable, the previous value is overwritten.
  • Reference-type variables, on the other hand, can refer to objects that can hold multiple values.
  • Arrays are a type of reference-type variable that can hold multiple values of the same type.
  • Exception handling, such as the try-catch statement, is important when working with arrays to handle potential errors or exceptions that may occur.
  • Multidimensional arrays allow for the creation of arrays with multiple dimensions, such as a matrix or a table.

Test your knowledge of object-oriented programming, arrays, exception handling, and more in this quiz focused on the content covered in week 10 of the College of Computing and Informatics course.

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