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What is the BMI range for classifying individuals as overweight?

25-30 kg/m2

What is the BMI threshold for classifying individuals as obese?

30 kg/m2

Which of the following is correlated with obesity?


What are some known causes of obesity?

Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals

What is obesity considered in some cases?

A medical condition

Who is regarded as the founder of the current system of taxonomy?

Carl Linnaeus

What is the principal rank used in the modern taxonomy system for classifying organisms?


What is the scientific study of naming, defining, and classifying groups of biological organisms based on shared characteristics called?


What is the singular form of the word 'taxa' used in taxonomy?


What did Carl Linnaeus develop for categorizing organisms?

Ranked system known as Linnaean taxonomy

Test your knowledge of obesity and its impact on health with this informative quiz. Explore the causes, effects, and management of obesity, as well as the associated health risks. Gain insight into the medical and societal aspects of this prevalent condition.

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