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What are the components of food called?


How do plants prepare their own food?

By using water, carbon dioxide, and minerals

What is the mode of taking food by an organism called?


What are humans and animals dependent on for food?


What do nutrients enable living organisms to do?

Build their bodies, grow, repair damaged parts, and provide energy

Study Notes

Components of Food

  • The components of food are called nutrients.

Food Preparation in Plants

  • Plants prepare their own food through a process called photosynthesis.

Mode of Taking Food

  • The mode of taking food by an organism is called ingestion.

Dependence on Food Sources

  • Humans and animals are dependent on plants for food.

Role of Nutrients

  • Nutrients enable living organisms to build, repair, and maintain their bodies, as well as provide energy for various activities.

Test your knowledge of nutrition in plants with this interactive quiz! Explore the essential nutrients required for plant growth and how they are obtained. Challenge yourself with questions on the synthesis of food in plants and the differences between plant and animal nutrition.

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