Nutrition in Plants and Living Organisms Quiz

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What are the components of food mentioned in the text?

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals

What is the mode of nutrition in which organisms make food themselves from simple substances called?

Autotrophic nutrition

What do animals and most other organisms take in as food?

Food prepared by plants

What do nutrients enable living organisms to do?

To build their bodies, grow, repair damaged parts, and provide energy for life processes

What is the process by which leaves synthesize food?


How are water and minerals transported to the leaves?

Through the vessels in the root, stem, and leaves

What pigment in leaves helps capture the energy of sunlight for photosynthesis?


What would happen if there was no photosynthesis on earth?

There would be no food and oxygen production

What is the function of stomata on the surface of leaves?

To release oxygen produced during photosynthesis

Which part of a plant absorbs water and minerals from the soil?


Test your knowledge of the nutrients essential for all living organisms and the process of food synthesis in plants. This quiz covers the components of food, dependency of humans and animals on plants for food, and the concept of nutrients.

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