Nursing Management of Cardiovascular Diseases and Doha Declaration Quiz

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What is the definition of Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD)?

Primarily anatomic abnormalities present at birth resulting in abnormal cardiac functions

When does the newborn's heart begin to beat?

28 days of gestation

At what stage is the heart completely developed during intrauterine life?

9th week of gestation

What is the incidence of Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD in live births?

4-10/100 live births

Which of the following conditions are more likely to be associated with other congenital anomalies?

All of the above

Test your knowledge of nursing management for cardiovascular diseases and the Doha Declaration's impact on HIV/AIDS medicines availability. Topics include definitions, causes, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tests, and nursing care for cardiovascular diseases, as well as aspects of the Doha Declaration such as improved availability of HIV/AIDS medicines and circumventing patents.

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