Nursing Ethics: Ethical Principles and International Nursing Code

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Which topic specifically addresses communication with patients in the course 'Lectures in Nursing Ethics'?

Ethical Guidelines of Nursing

Which topic discusses the International Council of Nurses code for nurses and the characters of nurses?

International council of Nurses code for nurses

What is the main aim of the course 'Lectures in Nursing Ethics'?

To introduce the ethical principles and International Nursing Code (I.N.C)

What is the focus of the topic 'Loss, death, and grieving' in the course 'Lectures in Nursing Ethics'?

To discuss loss, death, and grieving from an ethical perspective

Which topic in the course 'Lectures in Nursing Ethics' deals with Assault and Battery?

Crimes and torts

What does the course 'Lectures in Nursing Ethics' aim to present regarding Guidelines on consent?

Guidelines on consent

What does the term 'Ethics' refer to?

The science that approaches human actions in forms of Right or wrong

Which aspect determines whether an action is considered moral or not?

All of the above

What is the principle that requires one to respect patient's autonomy, dignity, and liberty?


Which principle focuses on doing only good and avoiding harm?


What does 'Fidelity' refer to in nursing ethics?

The obligation to loyal to the patient, community, and profession

What is the basic responsibility of a nurse according to the International Nursing Code?

To preserve life, prevent suffering, and promote health

What should a nurse respect according to the International Nursing Code?

Religious beliefs of patients

In what situations are nurses forbidden to advise medical treatment or administer it without a doctor's order?

Only in emergencies and with the attendance of a doctor

What does Utilitarianism emphasize?

The greatest good for the greatest members

What is required of nurses regarding their level of knowledge and skills according to the International Nursing Code?

To maintain a high and constant level of knowledge and skills

What does Paternalism focus on in nursing ethics?

Protecting the weak person

What does Altruism focus on according to nursing ethics?

Protecting community by supporting actions to meet health and social needs

Learn about the ethical principles, international nursing code, ethical guidelines, communication with patients, international council of nurses code, and the major challenges facing Muslim nurses in this course presented by Dr. Shaimaa Hassan Mohamady, Assistant Professor of Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing at Helwan University.

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