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Which property is characteristic of nonmetals?

Low density and high electronegativity

What is the general behavior of nonmetals when solid?

Tend to be brittle or crumbly

What is the trend for oxides of nonmetals?

Tend to be acidic

Which elements make up about 98% of the observable ordinary matter in the universe by mass?

Hydrogen and helium

What is the most common state for nonmetals?

Colorless gases

Study Notes

Nonmetal Properties

  • Nonmetals are characterized by being poor conductors of electricity.
  • When solid, nonmetals are typically brittle and dull.

Oxides of Nonmetals

  • The trend for oxides of nonmetals is that they are acidic.

Composition of the Universe

  • About 98% of the observable ordinary matter in the universe by mass is made up of hydrogen and helium.

States of Nonmetals

  • The most common state for nonmetals is a gas or a liquid.

Test your knowledge of nonmetals with this quiz! Explore the characteristics and properties of nonmetal elements, including their low density and high electronegativity. Learn about the distinct features that differentiate nonmetals from metals and metalloids.

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