Neurovasculature of Head & Neck: Common Carotid Artery

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At what level does the common carotid artery terminate?

Upper border of the thyroid cartilage

Which artery arises from the anterior aspect of the external carotid artery?

Facial artery

Where does the left common carotid artery originate from?

Aortic arch

Where does the right common carotid artery arise from?

Brachiocephalic trunk

What is the termination point of the external carotid artery?

In the substance of the parotid gland, behind the neck of the mandible

What structures does the common carotid artery travel with within the carotid sheath?

Internal jugular vein and vagus nerve

The glossopharyngeal nerve originates in which part of the brain?

Medulla oblongata

Which vein drains into the subclavian vein?

External jugular vein

Which artery supplies the inferior surface of the cerebellum?

Posterior inferior cerebellar artery

Where does the anterior spinal artery descend along?

Anterior aspect of the spinal cord

Where does the glossopharyngeal nerve leave the cranium?

Jugular foramen

Which arteries join to form the basilar artery?

Vertebral arteries

What is the function of the tympanic nerve?

Sensory innervation to the middle ear

Where does the posterior auricular vein and retromandibular vein combine?

Immediately posterior to the angle of mandible

At which level does the sternal angle (Angle of Louis) lie?

Opposite the intervertebral disc between the fourth and fifth thoracic vertebrae

Which rib only articulates with T10 and has one articular facet?

10th rib

Which muscle is considered as the most important muscle of the thoracic wall?


Which part of the rib articulates with the vertebral bodies?

Head of the rib

At what level does the xiphisternal joint lie?

Opposite the body of the ninth thoracic vertebra

What is the primary component of normal respiration?

External intercostal muscle

Which muscle forms the lateral part of the innermost layer of the thoracic wall?

Innermost intercostal muscle

Which nerve is joined to the brachial plexus?

First intercostal nerve (T1)

Which nerve receives a gray ramus from the corresponding ganglion of the sympathetic trunk?

First intercostal nerve (T1)

What type of branch does the intercostal nerve give to a ganglion of the sympathetic trunk?

White ramus communicants

Test your knowledge on the origin, course, and termination of the common carotid artery in the neurovasculature of the head and neck.

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