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Where are the first, second, and third order neurons found in the sensory pathways?

First order neurons in peripheral nerves, second order in spinal cord or brainstem, third order in thalamus

What type of information is carried in the spinothalamic pathway?

Sensory information related to pain and temperature

Where are the upper motor neurons located in the corticospinal pathway?

In the cerebral cortex

What does the sensory homunculus represent?

It represents the relative sensitivity of different body areas

What type of information is carried in the spinocerebellar pathway?

Sensory information related to proprioception

Study Notes

Sensory Pathways

  • First-order neurons are found in peripheral sensory receptors and transmit sensory information to the spinal cord or brainstem.
  • Second-order neurons are located in the spinal cord or brainstem and transmit information to the thalamus.
  • Third-order neurons are found in the thalamus and transmit information to the cerebral cortex.

Spinothalamic Pathway

  • The spinothalamic pathway carries information related to pain, temperature, and crude touch.

Corticospinal Pathway

  • Upper motor neurons are located in the primary motor cortex, premotor cortex, and supplemental motor cortex, and transmit voluntary motor signals to the spinal cord.

Sensory Homunculus

  • The sensory homunculus represents a map of the body's sensory areas, with each area corresponding to a specific part of the body, and the size of each area reflects the relative importance of that sensory input.

Test your knowledge of the somatic and autonomic nervous systems, muscle histology, organization, physiology, and metabolism with this comprehensive exam review. Prepare for questions on pathways, neurons, and columns related to sensory and motor functions.

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