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Which type of neurons are responsible for physical movements and activation of glands?

Efferent neurons

Where do the specific receptor cells for receiving external stimuli lie?

Within sensory systems like eyes, ears, and skin

Which type of receptors help in maintaining balance, bodily posture, equilibrium, and muscle control?

Internal receptors

What is the role of afferent neurons in the process of sensation and perception?

Pass signals from sensory neurons

Which type of neurons pass signals from sensory neurons?


What is the function of effector organs?

Provide responses to stimuli

What is the primary function of the Hippocampus in the limbic system?

Controls spatial navigation

Which gland is responsible for regulating homeostasis and controlling autonomic functions?


What is a common symptom of damage to the Thalamus?


What role does the Amygdala play in the limbic system?

Controls aggression and fear responses

What function do neurons primarily serve in the brain?

Transmit electrochemical impulses

Which part of a neuron is responsible for transmitting signals to other neurons?


Which type of muscle is responsible for the movement of different parts of our body?

Skeletal muscles

What is the main function of glands in our body?

Creating and secreting chemical substances

Where do ductless glands release hormones?

Into the bloodstream

Which of the following is NOT a function of hormones in the body?

Determining eye color

Which lobe of the brain is most associated with controlling academic and intellectual functions?

Frontal lobe

What is the limbic system primarily responsible for?

Controlling emotions and memory

Test your knowledge on neurons, including afferent, efferent, and inter-neurons, as well as the process at synapses where chemical signals are transmitted across neurons.

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