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What is the main idea behind Hebbian Learning?

Strengthening synapses that are used more

What is a key characteristic of the Perceptron model of decision making?

Making decisions based on the weighted sum of inputs

In Machine Learning, how are synaptic strengths (weights) determined?

By finding optimal weights consistent with the given data

What is the purpose of training a perceptron?

To find the optimal weights that minimize error

How does a perceptron change its output as weights are adjusted?

The output adjusts based on errors minimized by weight changes

What academic background does Dr. Anand Jayaraman have?

Ph.D in Physics, Univ.of Pittsburgh, USA

What is the main focus of the content mentioned?

Biological neural networks

What is the primary function of a perceptron model?


What term is used to refer to the fundamental units of biological neural networks?


Who demonstrated that even pigeons have the ability to discriminate between paintings of different artists?

Watanabe et al.

What is the best learning system known to us based on the text provided?

Biological neural system

What triggers the release of neurotransmitter substances at the synapse?

Spikes travelling along the axon

According to Hebbian learning, how does a synapse get strengthened?

By being used more

What role do synaptic strengths play in computational neurons?

Influence of one neuron on another

How do larger weights in computational neurons affect stimulation?

Produce more stimulation

What causes excitation or inhibition in the dendrite of a post-synaptic neuron?

Neurotransmitter substances released at the synapse

How does Hebbian learning affect synaptic connections in a neural network?

Strengthens frequently used synapses

Explore the connections between neurons and how the brain works in this quiz. Learn about the direction of signals along axons, the release of neurotransmitters at synapses, and the effects of these neurotransmitters on post-synaptic neurons.

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